Facebook is a social networking site first and foremost. It enables people to connect with individuals they know and those they don’t. The latter is often obtained through niche groups where members share a common interest.

From pages dedicated to certain celebrities and books to those that tout a certain political view, the groups to join number in the thousands and thousands. Group selections are also added to all the time, making the possibilities nearly endless for niche advertisers.

Facebook offers a ton of applications that users can take advantage of to personalize their experience. These range from games like Mafia Wars and Kingdoms of Camelot to family tree builders and beyond.

Name an interest and Facebook is likely to have a free application to go along with it. If it doesn’t, chances are high that a developer is working to create one.

Facebook enables users to easily upload and share photos and videos with their friends and families. While copyright laws apply, Facebook has proven itself an incredible forum that allows members to literally share their lives with friends and family all over the globe.

The graphics abilities also lend themselves well to advertising efforts using fan pages that dovetail with ads on the site.

When users sign up for Facebook, they are free to customize their experience in just about any way they choose. They can set parameters for the things they see, who can visit their own pages, what applications they’d like to use, and more.

The level of control provided makes Facebook very popular among its users.

Half the fun of using Facebook is found in the many ways people can connect with old friends and family using the site’s built-in tools. Members might spend hours sourcing the membership base for old elementary school acquaintances or co-workers.

Since 2004, Facebook has been working hard to establish itself as a true online community. The result of its efforts is an online site that’s millions strong and growing all the time. For you, the advertiser, the potential for earnings here is high.

All you need to do is explore the possibilities and learn how to tap into them. Once you do, your potential for traffic creation can blow the doors off Google while still keeping your costs low.