A few miles west of Los Angeles, are the group of tiny islands known as Hawaii. Here, tourists can enjoy the white sands, the volcanoes, the surf, and life under the water. This is because Maui is considered to be one of the best dive spots in the world.

What does it mean to be one of the best dive spots? This means the place has a diverse collection of plant and animal life. The person can also see some species of fish that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.

This all begins by booking a flight to this tiny little island and then making arrangements with the resorts to go diving. Those who are licensed can hire a boat while those who aren’t yet certified can enroll in a basic course.

Most resorts are certified by SSI, NADI or PADI so the person can be assured of the quality of education provided by the divemaster. The individual can even rent the gear, which isn’t that expensive so there isn’t as much gear to carry from the mainland to the island.

Since most of the hotels are nestled by the beach, after getting the equipment, you can hit the water.

Of course, there are other places worth seeing such as the Molokini Marine Reserve that is an island volcano located a few miles from Maui. A boat can be charted to head off to this distant island or others to be able to catch a dolphin, an eel, or even a sea turtle.

Those who want to try something different can even engage in night diving. Holding a flare in the hand, you may get to see some animals sleeping peacefully which is impossible to do during the daytime.

The rates for diving vary at each resort. The customer can check online or have the travel agent make the inquiry when planning the details for the trip. When everything is set, the only thing to do is pick the equipment from the dive shop and then go down into the ocean to take a glimpse of the beauty from the deep.

Diving enthusiasts should check out the various dive spots near the island of Maui to experience the beauty of the surroundings instead of relying on photographs or reviews found in a magazine.