Paleo foods are those which were not consumed prior to the Paleolithic period. This can include honey, fruits, vegetables, fish, shellfish, olives, and grains. The Paleolithic period lasted from about 12 thousand years ago to four thousand years ago. There are so many changes that occurred during this time period that are hard to account for.

Some of the main foods that were eaten at this time were plants, seeds, nuts, and insects. There were no meats and most dairy products were still imported. Eating lots of grass was very important to the people of this period.

The amount of dairy products in the food supply in our era is very different from what we used to eat. A dairy product like milk or cheese would have been very expensive at that time.

A lot of plant foods were leftovers at the end of the Paleolithic period. Crops were left over from the early stages of agriculture, which was started four thousand years ago. In the past, plants were turned into seeds and grain.

There are several reasons why people should eat more meat and fewer animal foods. Eating meat has long been tied to religion.

The Paleo diet brings a whole new angle to these types of diets and their benefits. You should keep in mind that eating the foods on the Paleo diet will help you lose weight.

There is no debate about the fact that the Paleolithic period was very different from today. Cooking fish is a difficult task as it is in this day and age. Beans like black beans, Lima beans, pinto beans, or garbanzo beans would not have been able to be cooked by fire.

There’s more information about these types of foods than ever before. The Paleolithic era was one of the last periods when eating anything unprocessed was the norm. Animals had to be hunted and then processed for consumption.

Since there was so much of this type of food, the human population was low and protein needs would be higher. A diet such as this would mean that a diet where animal protein is high and vegetable and grain products are low would make sense. There are many foods that are now considered paleo and have never been recognized for this designation.

It does not matter if you like meat or not. These foods are healthy and will give you a whole new approach to eating. Foods like these are easy to find.

If you have been eating the way we have been eating for a long time, you should really consider changing your eating habits. Consider trying a Paleo diet. Not only will you lose weight, but you will be eating healthier as well.