Finally, the Atkins diet medical proof has been discovered that shows the Atkins diet may have something real to offer the individual. A number of studies have been commenced and completed that show that indeed the Atkins diet allows a person to lose more in body fat than other diets that are currently in fashion. These studies were not commissioned by Atkins and still showed positive results. For those who believe in the Atkins diet, this is a small victory that some believe will be the first of many.

However, while there may be evidence of the Atkins diet working, there is strong evidence against it as well. The evidence shows that a person can indeed lose weight while on the Atkins diet. However, it was not shown if the weight loss was in fat loss, lean muscle loss, or water loss. This shows quite a gap in the research and denotes that far more needs to be done to show if the positive results of the diet are healthy or if they are actually damaging.

The evidence against the Atkins diet states that the overall weight loss is of healthy tissue and not completely fat related. This means for every pound of fat a person is losing, he or she is also losing healthy muscle and water weight, which is not necessarily healthy for any individual. This research has been ongoing for decades and rarely agrees with the findings that the Atkins diet has reported. This evidence is usually argued against by those who support the diet, although they rarely have any evidence to back up their claims.

The Atkins diet medical proof will be determined in the research studies that have been done over the years while new technology and methods become available and put into use. Although low carb diets are slowly being phased out in favor of other diets, which in turn means the Atkins will possibly be phased out as well; there is still uncertainty in the overall future of the diet. Many users still swear that the diet works and continues to utilize it despite some of the symptoms that are called into question. However, while there is still uncertainty, this allows for room that eventually a complete decision will be made about the diet one day.

Despite the still inconclusive evidence of the diet, there is still evidence for the possibility there are some positive factors to the diet. Nutritionists and scientists continue to study the Atkins and other diets in the hopes of finding the right eating pattern to help people lose weight and remain healthy. This research is important, as the health of every individual must be prioritized before fads and phases. While much of the evidence that has been brought to the light of late has and will continue to remain inconclusive, there is enough evidence to keep the Atkins alive and provide the Atkins diet medical proof as a viable diet.