Do you play baseball? Are you a baseball fanatic? If so, then I bet you are familiar with baseball diamond. Well, for those who have heard the term for the first time, the baseball diamond is simply the field where the baseball players play the game. To put it simply, the term ‘baseball diamond’ is the same as the ‘baseball field’.

The baseball diamond is composed of parts. One of the most noted is the bases: first, second, third, and home base. Well, let’s take a closer look at these parts.

The first base, also known as 1B, is the first of the four stations on the diamond which must be touched by the base runner in succession so to get points from the game. This base is guarded by a baseball player from the opposing team. That guard is known as the first baseman and he plays defense, fields the area nearest to the first base, and covers most of the actions made at that station.

The second base, which is also known in the world of baseball as the 2B, is simply the second of the four stations. Just like the first base, it must be touched in succession by the base runner if he wants his team to score from the game. This second base is also guarded by the second baseman who must possess quick hands and feet. Also, the second baseman must have the ability to get rid of the ball quickly. It is also a requirement for this guard to make a pivot on a double play. Well, this is the reason that the second baseman fielding on the second base of the baseball diamond is often considered as the keystone sack.

The third base or 3B then is obviously the third of the four stations in the baseball diamond. This too must be guarded with the third baseman whose responsibility is to defend the area nearest to the third base. Well, there is a difference as to how the base runner touched this part if compared to the first two bases. Typically, the runner is required to touch the third base in succession counterclockwise to score in the game. And, considering the numbering system used to record the plays, the baseman guarding this part is considered as the baseman number 5, while the first two assigned with the numbers 3 and 4.

Finally, there is the home plate or home base. This station in the baseball diamond is basically the target place. It is where the player scores in the game. So if he touched it after going through the first three bases, his team scores from the game. However, unlike the other bases, the home plate in the baseball diamond is often hard. It is identified with a usually flexible hard plastic that rises only slightly above the ground level.

The baseball diamond is also composed of the pitcher’s mound, which is often situated at the center of the diamond. It is where the pitcher stations to pitch the ball through the base runner. There are also the baseline and the grass line which generally have no greater significance with the baseball game.