You can never begin using your rod for fishing unless you have learned how to tie your fly properly to the rod. But before learning how to tie the fly, be sure you have all the necessary tools secured for all your needs. You can start checking your local service fly or outdoor shops for the following supplies stated below.

Fly Tying Vise

Fly Tying Scissors

Thread Bobbin

Bodkin and

Whip Finisher

First on the list is the fly tying vise. It is important because it acts as “another hand” since it mainly holds the hook in place as you tie the fly to it. What you need to prepare for is your budget. Fly vises can become costly but there are still some that are sold for $20. But since this is an important tool for tying your fly, quality shouldn’t be questioned any longer. It is recommended for you to buy a fly tying vise in top quality.

Next is the scissors specially made for fly tying. Look out for cheaper scissors as they’re not reliable compared to the top-quality ones. You need to get a good pair of fly tying scissors to cut delicate materials to its proper shape. Anyway, you wouldn’t be spending much on this tool since it isn’t too costly. The price ranges from $8 to $15; a reasonable price for fly fishing purposes.

Then there is the thread bobbin. A thread bobbin is good for holding the spool of thread from rolling out. The thread then goes through a barrel. Check for the edges of the barrel, if it has sharp edges, then it’s no good for the thread.

The bodkin is a large needle mounted on a handle. This small tool has many purposes. It can be used for separating fine strands you want to add to the fly, cleaning, and even dabbing cement. You should never go fly tying without this tool.

And lastly, the tool called the Whip Finisher. This tool is used to tie the thread securely in a half-inch knot. Beginners and intermediate flyers alike could make use of this nifty tool because it finishes off the tying job quickly and cleanly. You can buy a whip finisher for a price of $14.