For most of us women, we buy handbags because we like the way it looks, and we find them in a design or style that suits our taste. I personally have never thought that I would have to consider my figure and shape when I would have to buy handbags. I use to just look around for something that I think looks nice and would match several of my outfits. Quite often, I rarely even try them on to have a look at how the bag appears with me carrying it. I have never thought that when you buy a handbag you need to think of it as if you are buying a pair of jeans. You need the right fit.

The right handbag could flatter your figure, or it could ruin the entire ensemble you have assembled if it seems to be out of place for your particular image. When it comes to choosing any particular bag for that matter, your shape is a very important consideration. You need to choose a bag shape that is opposite your body type. As an example, for someone who is very thin and tall around hobo bag would complement your figure. For those who may be stout and short, clutches that are rectangular and long or tall would suit well. However, while a bag’s shape should be opposite your body type the bag’s size needs to be in proportion to your size or figure. It wouldn’t look appealing for someone with a large figure to be carrying a very cute and small shoulder bag for then it would just emphasize how big she really is. In the same way, a small or short girl carrying a very big handbag spells disaster. The huge size of the bag would just make her look more short and small. Certain bags like a shoulder bag for example could accentuate a figure depending on the length of the strap. A shoulder bag that would be around the hips would definitely give definition and draw attention to your curvaceous hips.

It is important to bear in mind some important tips. When buying handbags be patient and take time to try them on, looking at yourself in the mirror just as if you are trying on clothes. Don’t be drawn to trendy bags that do not look good on you. No matter how great looking the bag will be it wouldn’t do any good if it doesn’t fit you nor flatter you in any way.