Candle fundraiser activities are done by most schools because they are more effective than any other fundraiser strategy. Some schools will sell cakes, cookies, and more, but it’s really not as effective as candle selling. Selling candles is a very effective fundraising activity for your school.

Candle making is being taught in some schools, so it is a good way to start the candle fundraiser because the students are already trained on how to make unique candles with their own styles. You might wonder if people are interested in buying candles throughout the year. Well, candles are not usually bought for lighting. People buy candles for their collections and decoration purposes.

If you want to start a fundraiser in your school, make sure several students will cooperate with the activity. Each member should play their own part so that you have a lot of candles to use for your fundraiser. Candle making is not hard, and you can come up with some great designs that will be suitable for the whole year. Those who have tried fundraising through selling candles have proved that is a profitable way to raise funds because of its relatively low cost. Teach the students a standard design, or you can let them make out their own designs and styles. This activity does not only aim to raise funds, but it also aims to boost the creativity of the students and give them a sense of inspiration that they can do anything. It will also promote friendship with the other students.

It is important to plan your fundraiser activity near the holidays because they will surely sell. It is also the perfect time to apply the decorative designs to the candles.

You need to instruct your students properly on how to make the candles. The procedures should be explained to them step-by-step so that the candles will be perfectly made. Make sure that every student knows what they are doing and that they know how many they should make in order to promote the fundraising activity.

Although you can also buy candles from a company that makes candles, and sell it with a little additional profit, making your own candles is still the best choice. The students will love the activity, and they will surely learn from it.

In making the candles, you must come up with different varieties and sizes. Make small and big candles so people will have choices. Candle fundraisers are always a good option for fundraising activities because you are sure to sell every single candle. Everyone loves collecting candles especially the scented ones. You just need a little patience, and you will surely get the amount of donations that you wish to achieve.