Affiliates programs are one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. Small fortunes have been made for smart people who have taken advantage of this powerful marketing technique.

These tips intend to help you on your way to becoming a high-earning affiliate champion, use them as a guideline to your success. Feel free to contact me if you need further information.

First thing first: Target your market. If you try to sell everything to everyone, you will sell nothing.

Choose the right program. Every day you would find hundreds of new “get-rich-quick” programs on the net. Avoid them! Before joining any program, do some research. Trust only programs that have been consistently paying their affiliates

Join one program at a time, stick to it. Avoid distractions by joining several programs at the same time. Stay focused on the best program chosen.

Promote, promote, promote!. I can’t emphasize enough. Promotion is the lifeblood of your program’s success. Focus on marketing and nothing else. One easy way to promote is by joining a traffic exchange program, like a traffic swarm.

Write your own classifieds ads, headlines, text links. BE CREATIVE. How many times have you seen the same old add given for an affiliate program! Stay away from the crowd.

Create a content website with a review of your affiliate program. Don’t try to sell the program, instead, give your visitors the best review you can write of the program. Make a bulleted list of benefits YOU have found on that program.

Refer to your program’s web site with a TEXT LINK. Avoid using banners. People tend to look at banners as a sales pitch and don’t like it. People on your site are looking for information, not to buy. So give them some information. Make them want more information, then give them your text link.

Compile your own mailing list. Offer your visitor a freebie, a newsletter, a free e-book, a report… In exchange, ask for their contact info. The key here is to get their address.

Follow up with this list. Contact them at least once a week. Build trust. Make them know you and trust you.

Track your advertising results and make corrections as necessary. If the program is good, you can profit from it. Do whatever needs to be done to achieve your goals.