I want you to imagine a lemon. In your mind’s eye, see its yellow skin. Imagine cutting it in half with a knife. Now pick up the one lemon half and bring it up to your mouth and suck on the juices.

Do you notice how sharp the tangy lemon juice could be? Does it make you pucker? Do you notice how your mouth is watering?


Now you realize the power of words!

See, one thing I was good at the beginning of my online career was not getting any sales.

Really, I turned it into an art form.

So with that said, I want to share with you my 5 all-time favorite ways of getting zero sales from your website:

Headline and Sales Letter

Contact Information

Why should I have my contact information on the main page of my website? I don’t want to build trust by posting my name, address, email, fax, and telephone number on my site. I want to hide behind the internet and in turn, people can then hide their wallets from me.


Why should I offer a bold guarantee for the products I sell on my website? If people don’t like the product then it’s too bad. I really don’t care that it’s been proven that the longer your guarantee is, the fewer returns and complaints you’ll have. What does that stuff have to do with me?

Capture Email Addresses

I don’t need a web form on my site offering something for fr*e to capture email addresses, so I can put them through an autoresponder and increase my sales. And I definitely don’t want to capture email addresses by using popups and alert boxes. That stuff is not for me.

Call To Action

I don’t want to tell people what to do on my website. I don’t want to appear pushy. Why should I have a “Click Here To Order Now” link. It’s too much of a hassle. They can figure out how to do everything for themselves.

There you have it. Follow this formula as I did in the beginning, and you too can get zero sales from your website!

Now, all five things I just mentioned are the basics. Start with the basics first and build from there, and you should be well on your way to building a profitable website.

And don’t forget the power of words!

Remember that lemon?… Yuck, my mouth is watering again.