Did you know that many doctors recommend coffee to patients who suffer from a disease? It is because of the feeling of fullness that it causes and also the effect it has on the patient’s appetite. This is what makes coffee so popular.

Coffee has a multitude of benefits to our health. For instance, in the early nineteen nineties, in an attempt to stop the spread of breast cancer, there was an effort to encourage women to drink six cups of coffee per day. Many scientists were against this idea and they argued that there is a detrimental effect on the breasts that are caused by drinking coffee. Scientists argued that there was no scientific evidence to support this claim and they would continue to push for women to drink less coffee.

In other words, the caffeine in coffee causes the breast to expand which decreases the amount of milk produced by the woman who is a coffee drinker. The effect was so pronounced that many women experienced pain in their breasts and some even needed surgery to correct the situation. Those that remained obstinate drank less coffee but the results were still not positive.

To avoid this situation, doctors were encouraged to advise patients to try to reduce their consumption of coffee. Yet, a cup of coffee a day seems to be more than most people can handle. Some doctors suggested that the idea of reducing the intake of coffee may cause a relapse of the disease. Coffee and Cancer are other stories and now we have the science to back up the anecdotal evidence.

According to the latest research, the effects of caffeine on our bodies were discovered as researchers were studying certain cancers. The study was aimed at finding a connection between cancer and coffee. They were able to find a link between coffee and esophageal cancer but not colon cancer.

The study lead author Dr. Sylvia Bogle was quoted as saying “These results are very exciting, especially when they are consistent with much more robust evidence that shows that coffee intake is beneficial for overall health. It may well be that coffee drinkers are doing something good for their health.” Now coffee isn’t the only thing that can help us, but if you are a coffee drinker you will want to reduce your consumption.

Coffee also has some good side effects. Research suggests that women who drink a large amount of coffee experience fewer symptoms of menopause. There are other studies that suggest that coffee can help prevent ovarian cancer in women.

Coffee can have a negative effect on hair loss. The way to counteract this is to start drinking more water. These findings are both in accordance with the body of evidence that has been gathered in regards to the positive effects of coffee.

At the end of the day, caffeine is the culprit and therefore caffeine must be cut out of the diet to improve your health. Drinking six cups of coffee per day can have a detrimental effect on your health. Reducing the number of cups you drink per day can reduce the level of caffeine in your body and consequently the level of cravings.

Eat your breakfast. This has the same effect as cutting back on the amount of coffee you drink. A cup of coffee before breakfast is equivalent to eating two medium-sized breakfast meals.

By the same token, when drinking coffee, do not stay up too late. For those who cannot abstain from drinking coffee throughout the day, cutting back on the amount you drink can have the same effect. As long as the tea is not high in caffeine, then so be it.