Many thousands of people making a living both buying & selling on eBay. Currently, ranked as the 37 biggest sites on the net (according to Alexa figures) eBay shows no signs of slowing down, even Fortune 500 companies are opening eBay shops to sell surplus & unwanted stock. The following are five resources that I use personally & encourage you to use them to increase your eBay profits with ease.

Reports show that over 90% of searches on eBay are done using the search facility. What users do not know about the eBay search facility is that by default it only searches the item titles – not the descriptions of the items. Remember this fact as it will show the significance of some resources listed below.

1) FatFingers

How professional a seller are you? Do you check your listings before submitting them or even does someone else proofread them for you? With millions of listings on eBay networks of sites at any one time, a small proportion of these listings contain errors – & a misspelled word is about the biggest error you can make.

Imagine you selling a Sony Television for example. What if you misspell the item as Sony Television. Anyone who searches for the term “Sony Television” simply isn’t going to be presented with your item. Only those eBayers who search manually though the category will find your items. Needless to say that if people can’t find your item, they’re unable to bid on them.

FatFingers is a service you can use to find all misspell variations of a term. Why would you need such a service?

Well obviously if an item has low visibility on eBay it’s also likely to have zero or few bids enabling you to snap yourself up a bargain. I’ve known people use this service to make a full-time living, purely buying items cheaply and relisting them without errors.

2) eBay Pulse

Back to the search facility eBay pulse shows you the top 10 searched keywords in every category. It’s a real gem of a service, obviously, by looking at the most widely used search terms you can see what eBayers are after. And if you’re selling in this category, by inserting some of these keywords within your title your items will be seen by more users.

The only thing to watch out for with this service is to make sure the keywords are relevant to your item IF NOT DON’T USE THEM. How many times have you saw listings such as “SONY PANASONIC LG WIDESCREEN DIGITAL TELEVISION GUIDE”, – listings such as these are well-thought-out to earn high visibility from the way users search. Anyone searching for the items with any of the keywords will uncover your listings.

While it may lead to a high number of views, firstly fellow users will get annoyed if they find your item completely unrevealed to what they searched for, Secondly keyword spamming as it is known, is against eBay policy and will lead to your item being pulled. I use pulse daily with all my listings but make sure it’s relevant to your item first.

3) Keyword-Pro

Keyword-Pro is available as both a web service or as a small program that downloads the list onto your P.C. Its data is updated weekly to keep you informed of the latest search terms.

4) Selling Manager

When you first open a selling account on eBay, options listed under the sell tab of eBay are enough to get you by. However, you can upgrade to a more in-depth service known as Selling Manager. As eBay describes the service “eBay Selling Manager is our online sales management tool for medium to high volume sellers”. It allows you to track every eBay sale, customize your feedback comments, print shipping labels & much more. It saves me about four hours a week tracking orders and watching my sales.

5) eBay Popular Products

Here you can see, directly from eBay, what the most popular products are in several categories. an invaluable tool for an eBay seller.

I hope you find these services useful & time-saving in your goal for a successful home business on eBay. Remember, your most important resource is your time when you’re starting or building up an online business & if you discover any site, person, or opportunity that can save you time give it the attention & serious consideration it deserves. Every top Internet marketers constantly educate themselves by purchasing & reviewing almost every new product released. The way I look at it, if an e-book costs $197 and the information within the e-book saves me this or allows me to make an additional $197 it’s well worth it – once you can do it once you’ll be able to repeat the exercise over and over again making repeated profits. If you discover a precious eBay-related resource let me know & I’ll consider revising this list for future editions.

Good luck with your eBay selling.