There are different types of teeth whitening products on the market. Let’s examine them one by one.

Teeth whitening strips or trays. They range in price from less than $10 for the best models to a few hundred dollars for very fancy models. They are usually applied with a brush, like toothpaste, and then removed after a period of time.

The idea is that you take off the whitening agent and allow the teeth whitening gel to work. There is no need to sit and wait for the teeth whitening gel to do its job, and if there is irritation during this process, it is much less painful and discomforting than applying the whitening agent directly to the teeth.

Teeth whitening trays are in fact the most commonly used of all teeth whitening products. Because they are convenient and do not require regular maintenance, many people choose to use them. However, the advantages and disadvantages of using trays are not really addressed in the typical tooth whitening product reviews.

The most common way to use trays is to keep them attached to the tooth for as long as possible. Many people find that this removes any risk of teeth sensitivity during the application of the whitening agent. But the biggest problem is that because the whitening agent is not removed right away, the whitening trays need to be used for a significant amount of time.

The result is that the whitening agent is absorbed by the tooth and left on there for longer periods of time. And that means that the whitening gel takes longer to work and that it is more difficult to get to the teeth.

Whitening strips work the same way except that they are not attached to the tooth. It is the process of removing the trays that actually cause a sensation of pain to your teeth. But when you remove the trays, the whitening agent is still there, so you still need to leave the product on for the length of time recommended.

But if you decide to use the trays, be sure to give the whitening gel time to work before removing the trays. This will prevent any chances of irritation or the whitening gel not being absorbed by the teeth.

Dental polishes. These are made specifically for the purpose of removing stains on the teeth. The gel usually comes with a brush for application, but some are simply applied with a piece of a Q-tip.

Because the solution is applied with a brush, the results are better for many people than the tooth-whitening trays are. But be aware that brushing and waiting to do remove the product from the enamel, and therefore the whitening results are likely to be less effective.

Teeth bleaching agents. This is a relatively new technology, and will not be discussed in this article. These teeth whitening agents work by oxidizing the staining or discoloration causing a chemical reaction that attacks the stain.

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